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5iZ China blog is an archive of about 600 articles with wide ranging topics and insights about Chinese culture, history, society and contemporary events. The blog has been written by Gordon Dumoulin (Beijing) from 2018 to early 2023.

The 5iZ China blog archive provides a unique window into today's China. Whether it is about people, culture, society, history, environment, economy or business; the blog reflects what is happening in China, how Chinese people deal with life and what is China all about in the past, presence and future. A unique archive for people or businesses involved with or interested in China to create objective and wider perspectives.

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While Gordon decided to discontinue this website blog after more than 5 years of inspiration and learning, he continues to post about China in the 5iZ China LinkedIn page.

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5iZ about

5iZ  "5 eyes"


In China there are 5 directions rather than just 4 ; north, south, east, west and center. Center is the core direction in any aspect in Chinese society. Whether it concerns family, society, work or governance, Chinese people can eye and wander in any direction but center remains the core magnet, keeping the basics and values running and alive.

5iZ China blog was set up by Gordon Dumoulin in 2018 to provide a daily portal of China about culture, society, history and contemporary events.

The perspective of China's rich and diverse society undergoing huge transformations is still very limited in other countries despite China's increasing social interactions, trade and influence in the world. 5iZ China was born through the need, ambition and necessity to create a more objective and diverse perspective, a personal feel and insight view of China today as well as providing services and guidance for people, institutes and businesses who like to be active in or learn more about China.

Gordon Dumoulin

Gordon has settled down in Beijing since 2009 and running his own consultant and trading business.

Since living in China, Gordon has been active in the world of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and natural ingredients for health and beauty. He is consulting local companies in ingredient and chemical sectors throughout China on production, quality and sales management and assisting foreign companies to set foot on Chinese market grounds.  


Through Gordon's passion to expose a better China understanding to the 'outside world', 5iZ China has been one of the initiatives to provide wider and more diverse perspectives on China today.


He also writes about China in various media. He is associate with the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research in Sweden and advisor for Gao Feng Advisory Company in Hong Kong, 

When people ask Gordon how is life as an expat in China, he emphasizes that he is not an expat but considers himself an immigrant and grateful guest in Chinese society.


The symbolism of 5 (五, wǔ)  in China and Chinese society

5 is a prime symbol in China with countless associations in philosophy, life, balance and fundamentality. Five earns its status from being a conjugation of number two (yin) and three (yang). The yin and yang forces combined bring out some intense associations: the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water), 5 Chinese grains (soybean, wheat, rice, millet, hemp), 5 sacred mountains (TaiShan the Peaceful, HuaShan the Splendid, SonShan the Lofty, HenShan the Balancing, and HengShan the Permanent).


The founding five Chinese blessings: Wealth, Happiness, Longevity, Luck and Prosperity are core values expressed at events, celebrations or just in daily life. Five is often considered the center or balance, as for example in Fengshui practice.

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